FarmWild is the largest Aquaponics Farm in Northwest Washington.

We grow Amazing, high-quality basil, greens, and herbs year-round. Our LED-lit greenhouse is solar-powered and extremely efficient, producing up to ten times more food than traditional farming, while consuming 90% less water, with no runoff or waste.

Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. The symbiotic relationship between plants and fish replicates natural ecosystems and has been known about and employed by farmers for thousands of years.

The basic idea behind aquaponics is that when fish eat, their waste product is nitrogen rich. Plants growing in the same water and use this nitrogen as fertilizer to grow. So Fish create nutrients for the plants, and the plants filter the water and send it back to the fish.



  • Aquaponics can grow up to ten times more produce than soil-based agriculture-potentially saving vast amounts of natural habitat.

  • Aquaponics can be done anywhere. It doesn’t rely on special fertile soils. It can be done in disturbed industrial zones or even in urban and residential zones. Roof-top greenhouse anyone?

  • Local produce, grown in urban and suburban settings vastly reduces food miles, and thus cuts the carbon cost of eating food.

  • Consumes 90% less water that traditional farming-plants only use what they need and water is not wasted or flushed from the system

  • Abundant fertilizers are not needed to maintain optimal growing conditions.

  • The main input into the system is fish food.

  • There is no toxic runoff into nearby rivers and lakes.

  • Weeding is a thing of the past and grow beds can be elevated to waist level

  • Chemical pesticides and herbacides are not needed and never used.

  • Using solar-powered, high efficiency LED lights, aquaponic produce is produced year-round at FarmWild!