At FarmWild we are leading the worldwide transition from resource-intensive traditional farming, to ultra-eco-friendly renewable agriculture.

In doing so, we keep animals happy, people healthy, ecosystems thriving, and wild places wild. Most people probably wouldn’t guess it, but farming is one of the most environmentally destructive processes practiced by humans. Pesticides, herbicides, fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, water pollution, desertification, and habitat destruction, industrial farming does it all so well.

Here are some examples of how FarmWild is helping to save the environment through farming.

  • We only feed our animals non-GMO certified organic grain.
  • We raise our chickens in low densities on pasture, and move them to fresh pasture frequently.
  • We don’t use any harmful pesticides or herbicides on the property.
  • Our barn and our farm house have over 100 solar panels, generating most of the electricity used on the farm.
  • Our aquaponic greenhouse produces fresh greens year round consuming far less water and resources than traditional agriculture.
  • Our farm contains forest, wetlands, and pasture, all providing habitat to abundant wildlife and farm animals.
  • We are hyper-local selling our products in Bellingham, Washington, within ten miles of where they are grown and raised.
  • We deliver produce to local restaurants in our electric farm delivery-vehicle.

We sell all of our products locally, reducing the number of miles that food eaten in Bellingham has traveled.