Our chickens live like chicken super stars.

Some of our chickens lay eggs. And a whole different group of chickens are raised for meat. They are different chickens-with different needs and different life-styles. Like you and me.

All of our chickens spend most of their time outdoors, on pasture, with plenty of room to roam. Egg laying hens live in one of our several pasture-roaming mobile chicken coops. Our out-of-this-world chicken accommodations include a solar-powered, mobile, semi-autonomous chicken house on wheels. This luxurious poultry love nest has automated feeders, waterers, doors, and lights. It moves to a new chunk of pasture every few weeks. The chickens roost in the coop by night; safe from predators of the dark-think owls, coyotes, and skunks. In the day time, the chickens shuffle outside when the timers open the doors, and all day long, they have acres of grass and fresh bugs and worms on which to forage. To augment their natural forage, these hens are fed locally milled certified organic grain from In-Season Farms. They are extremely happy animals and show their gratitude for their kept style by supplying a continuous supply of healthy fresh eggs with amazing orange-yellow yolks filled with healthy omega 3s.

Our meat birds are also raised on the pasture. These chickens are raised in large pasture-based mobile greenhouses. These mobile greenhouses provide a safe shelter with a roof over their head, to keep the weather, eagles, and raccoons out, but since the structures have no floor, the chickens are on grass all the time. We pull these chicken double-wides around the pasture all Summer long, giving the chickens access to fresh grass and lots of juicy worms and insects every few days. Like our egg laying hens, meat birds are fed locally milled certified organic grain and abundant veggie scraps from the gardens and greenhouses. Several varieties of chicken available including Cornish Cross and their French cousins, the Red Rangers.